Modern Elegance

Modern Elegance Accessories

Emily Henderson, my favorite person in the world, recently teamed up Leggett & Platt to judge a Pinterest contest where you choose 1 of 3 themes for your dream bedroom and pin whatever you want as long as it reflects that style. The themes were (1) Coastal Living, (2) Modern Elegance, and (3) Eclectic Inspiration. Since everyone and their computer-literate mother was doing Eclectic Inspiration, I decided to (possibly… hopefully…) increase my chances of winning by doing Modern Elegance, one that no one seemed to touch with a 10-foot pole.

I used the Victorian chair (above) as a starting point cause it had the elegant (duh) lines but an unexpected yet refreshing ikat print that’s very popular right now. I rounded up my favorite accessories from my Pinterest board – I love the mix of gold details, feminine curves, and sleek lines. See the rest of my selections here (and yes, I added Colin Firth cause he fits my theme and who wouldn’t want to wake up next to him?).

Inspiration: Ikat Vintage Slipper Chair

Accessories: (1) Hanging Wall Cup, $11; (2) Tripod Clock, $395; (3) Brass Bookends, $125; (4) Perimeter Tray, $175; (5) Midas Carafe, $60-85; (6) Abate Slatted Mirror, $298; (7) Glass Box, $47.25; (8) Assorted Fashion Books, price varies


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