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Coaster Roundup

old coasters

I’ve been using coasters I bought several years ago from Fishs Eddy. I loved the variety of designs and at $5 for a set of 10-12, it didn’t seem like a bad purchase. I ordered 6 different sets – that’s over 60 coasters. Why did I think I’d need 60+ coasters? Cause I had just started living on my own and pictured myself hosting wild parties. [Side note: turns out you need friends to invite. Whoops.] Not only was it a bad idea to buy so many, it was an even worse idea to buy ones made from pulp board. They’re suppose to be disposable but the cheapness in me keeps reusing it and, consequently, encouraging mold growth underneath. Plus they soak up the condensation and get damp. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose? My tables are begging me for some new ones. I’ve rounded up my top non-disposable picks below. Which one do you like?


Clockwise from top left: Lucky Strike Bowling Coasters, $24 for 4; Spot Coasters, $18 for 4; Mojave Letterpress Coasters, $20 for 4; Cabin Teak Coasters, $20 for 4; Horn Coasters, $12 for 1.


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