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High/Low: Potence Lamp

(Images from DWR and NY Times)

If my home ever got selected for a High Low Project makeover, there would be a shot of me on the floor begging Sabrina Soto for a Prouvé Potence lamp. But since I can only afford to spend a few hundred (not the $1,720 original price), she’d task her assistant Chris with a DIY project. I can totally picture him welding some black pipes while coolly explaining how they were salvaged from a burnt down 1920’s warehouse. Then in the final reveal, I’d exclaim how gorgeous everything is and how I love the low version lamp way more than the high!

Of course that will never happen and I’ll never learn how to weld. I’m pretty skilled at online shopping though. I’ve found the two beauties down below. The first one is handmade by Logan Hendrickson of One Forty Three. I like its close similarities without being a complete knockoff. It’s priced at $365 for the 48″ reach version. I’m hoping he brings back the 60″ one (Note to my boyfriend: if he does, I would like one for xmas). I also love anything gold so I’m naturally drawn to the second option by RestartMilano. Unfortunately it only has a 36.5″ reach, not terribly long for a living room. It would, however, be nice for a reading nook. $640 from Merchant4.

(Images from One Forty Three and RestartMilano)


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