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Sorry Jean, I Chose George

I’ve been wanting to switch out the CB2 lamp in my living room for awhile now. Even Tora thinks it’s time to toss it. I thought about replacing it with something similar to the Potence lamp by Jean Prouvé but worried about it being too industrial. Would the exposed bulb be blinding too? Then I saw the George Nelson saucer wall sconce in the living room below.

(Image from 17doors)

It looks so soft and feminine. Pretty opposite of what I originally wanted. I decided to pull the trigger during Modernica’s Black Friday sale. I couldn’t pass up on the 15% savings even though my boyfriend was the one buying it (thanks for my early Christmas present!). I’ll post pics when it gets here in a couple weeks. It’ll go up to the left of my Korean guy painting (a nice score from 45 There Modern Vintage).

Kittles felt left out so here’s an obligatory pic of him napping while I worked on my Eames chairs. They’re almost done curing so I’ll post about it soon!

(Apologies for the grainy photos. Sometimes I get lazy and snap pics using my crap HTC phone.)


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