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Holiday Dinner Party

This past Saturday I had my first dinner party. I’m sure my guests were annoyed with me cause I kept changing the date. I considered having it in early January after I paint, hang a light fixture, and take care of any other projects on my list. But I was hesitant cause it wouldn’t be the holidays anymore and who knows if we’d even be around. What if the whole Mayan calendar thing is right and all? So 3 days before, I sent a text saying the dinner party was back on for Saturday! Then I frantically spent those next few days making a tablecloth (DIY project from House of Earnest), buying new dinnerware from Ikea and linen napkins from World Market, going back and forth between Ralphs and Gelsons for groceries, and sending the boyfriend out to West Elm for candles (he got 2 tickets on his way there). I think I was overly ambitious but it was worth the frustration. The table was nice, the food was delicious, and we all had fun playing Kinect afterward. An overall success*!

* only 1 person got sick but, in my defense, she was nauseated before even arriving.

Eames Chairs

For a quick/easy/cheap way to dress your holiday table, scatter your leftover ornaments across the table along with clippings from your Christmas tree. The West Elm Mercury Candleholders were on sale for $3 each (the big one was on sale for $5). I also considered adding votive candles to plain drinking glasses (a cute DIY idea from House of Earnest).

Holiday Tablescape 1

Holiday Tablescape 2

Holiday Tablescape 3

We feasted on frisee salad, rib roast, roasted potatoes, creamed corn, sauteed peas, and homemade pumpkin pie a la mode (some pictured below). Most of the recipes were from Martha Stewart’s Easy Holiday Menus. I also made the Fox & Sparkler cocktail from ApartmentTherapy. It turned out sweeter than I would’ve liked so I recommend using half the amount of simple syrup.



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