2013 New Year’s Resolutions

It’s almost mid-January but I figured I’d post my resolutions so I can reference it. Hopefully this will help me stay motivated and on track:

  1. Quit or Cut Down on My Vices: Like smoking and drinking. It’s probably been my resolution every year for awhile now but I think I’m more motivated by the cost savings [Update: I kicked the habit on 3/20! I might have one cigarette here and there if a friend’s smoking but for the most part I’ve quit. I’ve also cut drinking down to occasional weekends.]… which leads me to…
  2. Save Money Like Crazy: Lots of it. A freaking lot. Like half my money lots. I want to buy a house in 2015. Maybe by the end of 2014 if all things go well. This is of course assuming housing prices stay the same. I’ve been looking over my finances and, in order to accomplish this, I can only spend a small amount on miscellaneous purchases for myself (clothing, entertainment, furnishings, etc). I don’t spend much on clothes, it’s mostly been on home furnishings. Refraining from buying a new lamp or some extra seating bums me out. I guess this means I’ll need to master the art of thrifting and DIY.
  3. Finally write that damn thesis: I was on my way to getting a masters from a school in the Midwest back in 2007. I finished my coursework and moved home with the intention of writing my thesis remotely. I landed a full-time job and school got pushed aside. My parents still bring up my thesis every now and then. They’ve left this nagging voice in the back of my head. Now I just need to shut it up… without help from alcohol.
  4. Maybe Exercise?: It wouldn’t hurt to lose weight but the major ones above are those I’m focusing on. I’ll probably be so bummed/stressed that I’ll unintentionally shed a few pounds without moving a muscle!
  5. Learn How to Sew: My sister gave me her old sewing machine. It’s 10-15 years old but still operational. If I can find replacement needles I’ll take classes at my local community college. Imagine all the pillows I’ll be able to make with these new skills! And outfits for my pets!

Speaking of my pets, I asked Kittles for his New Year’s resolution. I take it he wants to be potty trained? Kittles


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