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Sew Good Together: Combining Two Rugs


A few weeks ago I picked up a couple accent rugs at Target on clearance for about $7 each (down from $25). I didn’t need them and had no idea where I was going to put it. All I knew was that this great deal shouldn’t be passed up. I tried incorporating it into the bathroom and kitchen but wasn’t loving either. So I decided to just sew the ends together and turn it into a bedside runner.

With a needle kit (using the one marked for carpet) and navy embroidery floss from Michaels, I made my best attempt at a cross stitch. I’m definitely a novice when it comes to sewing as you can tell from the Frankenstein stitches below. Fortunately the thread is so close in color that it isn’t noticeable from a distance. Not too bad for a total $16!


Check out this clip of Kittles lending a paw (set to the intro of Coconut Records’ “Nighttiming”).


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