High/Low: Pocket Knife Necklace

Have you ever gone on a shopping excursion to find the perfect gift for someone but came back with bags of stuff for yourself and nothing at all for the intended recipient? No? Well I have. What can I say? I get sidetracked easily. This time it was while scouring the web for the perfect guy gift. I was looking for pocket knives and stumbled across this awesome(ly intimidating) pocket knife necklace!

The high end version is a collaboration between In God We Trust (maker of the chain) and Oklahoma knife-maker Gene Wiseman made exclusively for Kaufmann Mercantile. It has a rust-resistant D-2 steel blade nestled in an ivory micarta handle on a 30″ brass chain. But don’t fret – even if you don’t have $495 lying around you can still pick up this affordable version for $34 made by Moon Raven Design. This would make an adorably tough accessory for just about any outfit.

Pocket Knife Necklace

(Images from Kaufmann Mercantile and Moon Raven Design)

P.S. I’ve been working hard on a DIY project for my cat that I’m excited to share soon! Keep an eye out!


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