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The Kitchen Sink Cake

How do you take cake to a whole new level? Throw in all your other favorite desserts.

I got this idea after gorging on wonderful, artery clogging deliciousness at the OC Fair. I’m talking fried cookie dough, fried oreos, funnel cake, Krispe Kreme sloppy joe, fried clams, fried zucchini, churros, and fried frog legs (OK, I admit I was too much of a wuss to eat frog). After bouncing some ideas off the boyfriend, I came up with a hybrid dessert best described by this anatomical diagram (in honor of the first day of school). I present to you The Kitchen Sink Cake:

The Anatomy of the Kitchen Sink Cake

It all starts with a brownie base nestled around large chunks of chocolate chip walnut cookie. Then there’s a hearty yet refreshing center of vanilla ice cream. Sitting atop are repeating layers of white cake and vanilla ice cream. Finally the whole thing is slathered in whipped cream. All homemade of course.

There you have it. Everything but the kitchen sink.

The Kitchen Sink Cake

The Kitchen Sink Cake

I tested this new concoction out at a last-minute birthday party this past weekend. Overall everyone liked it. It satisfied a whole range of sweets cravings with one little slice. I do, however, need to tweak it a bit before I post a recipe. The cookie was hard to cut through so I have to find a way to soften it or incorporate it as a crumble layer.

So what do you think? Would you make this for your next party? What would you add or take out? Let me know in the comments section.

P.S. I made a cute neon topper to go with this cake. I’ll post the DIY later this week.

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