Dear Blog Diary,

It’s me again. Sorry for the absence. 2014 has not been kind. I’ve experienced some unexpected changes (for the worse) on the job front and family health. My mom got sick recently so the last couple months have been filled with hospital visits, care-taking, and taking care of mountains of paperwork/errands. But she’s slowly improving so I have to stay optimistic about her recovery.

On the fun, crafty side of things, I finally learned how to sew over the summer! I took a fashion apparel construction class at my local community college. I learned how to operate a sewing machine, sew basic stitches, and make apparel items using patterns. Our final project was to make a full-size blouse. Can you believe I made this when I was a complete novice only 6 weeks prior?!


I’ve since been loading up on fabrics to make shirts, pillows, and pet beds. Just need to find the time to start on these projects!


I’m also itching to redo the bedroom. The other night I stopped at West Elm with my boyfriend to check out beds and spotted these Atelier Stella vases! I’ve been wanting one of her vases for awhile but never pulled the trigger cause of the steep international shipping charges. So happy to see I can get one of her pieces at a much more affordable price now!


(Image from West Elm)

A definite yay to the vase and the guy.



3 thoughts on “Dear Blog Diary,

  1. oh a definite YAY…..big congrats on the shirt also; looks very nice. I’ve got a sewing machine that does alot of different stitches….need to pull it out and re-learn how to use it. You can do so many projects with a sewing machine that uses your own “cloth prints” that YOU like rather than another designer’s ideas.

    • Thanks! 🙂 It’s so true. I love how much you can do with a sewing machine. I was also told you can take apart a favorite shirt and use it as a pattern to recreate it with different fabric. I haven’t been brave enough to try this yet…
      Good luck with your projects! I think you’ll be back sewing in no time

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